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Calling On Your Genius At Will

Dr. Paul Zollinger-Read C.B.E, Chief Medical Officer, Bupa, is attending this week’s Leveraging Genius Conference and shared his thoughts on the practice of Genius:

Exceptional performance is by its very nature extraordinary, something that most dream of. Yet each and every one of us has at times in our lives achieved the unthinkable, the unimaginable, the inspirational: Often, indeed nearly always, without thinking. People often rationalise their moments of greatness by saying “I was lucky” or “everything came together for me.” However, what is certain is that you caused that result. Your thinking set in train a series of actions that led to extraordinary performance. Inside each and every one of us is our own unique Genius, a beautiful creativity that, once liberated can make the unthinkable reality.

So what would it feel like if you could call on your Genius at will: the exceptional would become the norm. Just consider the power that this could bring to your achievements.

You can unearth your Genius and start to determine the components of this precious tool. Over a few days you can then build up a picture of what your 
Genius is.

Now you are in a position to apply your Genius to all your challenges, enabling you to tap extraordinary performance at will. Yet this tool has an even more powerful application. Just imagine the effect if you could tap into everyone else's unique Genius. Well, you can. By sharing each other's Genius, the challenge of the impossible melts under the lens of possibility. This is an amazingly powerful tool for teams and enables us to cut through the fog of impossibility that all too often has limited our achievements.

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